Introducing the 3D Model to PUP

Two years ago, I presented a paper entitled, “Deception in the Classroom: A New Model of Education Pushing the Boundaries of Genuine Dialogue and Transformative Learning”. I presented it at the First Educator’s Congress at DLSU-M and it had a few heads turn.

In the end, I didn’t see people take on the challenge of operating from a new paradigm for education.

Since then I’ve been sharing the paper and presentation with students and friends. People have seen the need for a transformation and revolution in education. (And, again, seeing and knowing doesn’t make a difference without tangible results.)

Last July, I started teaching Philosophy and Research at Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Particularly at the San Juan Campus. I’ve been incorporating the model into my own person teaching and curriculum and it has produced surprising results.

PUP San Juan has given me the opportunity to present the paper I originally created for the congress. And what I have taken on is presenting it with new research and, more importantly, initial results from my own classes. It shall be next week:

“The 3D Model of Education: Paving the Way for a New Paradigm for Educators”
Wednesday (August 22) September 7 (Friday)
9:00am 1:00pm
PUP – San Juan Campus

Please contact me if you wish to attend, due to the weather and other factors, schedule may alter. It would be most advisable to contact me beforehand. You can reach me at Or add a post on the Facebook Page.

*Before I end my post, I must give a special shout out to my students. One of the most fundamental aspects of the model is “teacher as learner”. I learn new things everyday because of them. They were also the ones who had me inspired to write and create a blog newly. This website is the product of what you have taught me.

So thank you to my BSIT and BSED students from PUP-San Juan!

*Edited and updated due to a schedule change

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1 thought on “Introducing the 3D Model to PUP

  1. nice one sir.. as you said you are learning from us.. may I tell you this, we are also learning from you.. You are inspiring the students including me to discover new things and because of this thank you po..

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