Easy as a Possibility

One thing that I have trained myself to do as a Landmark curriculum graduate, is create. Particularly, to create a possibility for my day that would powerfully move me, now, in the present.

I created “easy”.

The funny thing about creation is that, when you create something, sometimes the opposite shows up.

And, trust me, today was all about me moving in the breakdowns of the world of easy.

Despite the breakdowns, the power of creation, as a matter of my word, had me see the day differently. It had me automatically inspect on whether I was making actions harder than necessary.

So when I caught myself panicking and stressing over the fact that my enrollment is not yet settled, I had the opportunity to double check myself and see that there were things I could do now and things that would need to be settled later in the afternoon. So instead of stressing out, I saw clear pathways for action.

Usually the stress is the fuzz that hazes the rest of my day.

Today I’m standing for an easy day, as a matter of my word.

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