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I got into the I Am Changemaker Ideation Camp!

I’ve been holding off this announcement because I’m still working on arranging my schedule (and managing impact) to have it work with all of the things I’m up to in my life (leadership coaching, law school, teaching, Capoeira and the list goes on),

I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t think it’s appropriate anymore for me to keep it to myself (seeing how it’s something that should be shared). It’s kind of like it has reached critical mass (internally) that I’ll explode if I continue holding it in.

So here we go, I got accepted into the British Council and Intel’s I’m a Changemaker Ideation Camp!

Out of all of the people around the country who applied and competed for a seat in the intense 7-day camp for changemakers, I was one of the 40 chosen.

Along with the other 39 extraordinary changemakers, I’ll be trained in various elements of social enterprise (by trainers and mentors from around the globe) and will develop business plans to ultimately compete for around 500,000php in investment/funding!

For me, this is a culmination of almost a year’s work in developing various ideas/start-ups in the field of making a difference and at the same time making a profit.

I’m excited to meet fellow like-minded people and to have a unique opportunity to concretely move forward an intention that has been with me over a year: “to be a global leader and be a clearing for contribution where nothing and no one gets left behind”

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