Completing 2012: 12 Gifts of Gratitude

Completion is a process that it is very important to me. It’s a process for me to close the books on whatever baggage is left from the past to create space for an amazing future, like an artist setting up a new blank canvas. It’s a formal declaration that 2012 was what it is and shouldn’t have been any other way. Nothing more. Nothing less.

2012 has come to a formal close and it’s also an opportunity to look back and be thankful.

At My Masterpiece, we call it “gifts of gratitude”. Because, sometimes, we forget a simple gift we can give ourselves and the people we care about… the gift of thanks.

These are 12 things that I am grateful for this 2012:

1. The Social Play and Innovation Network (SPIN) and My New Partners in Making a Difference

…amongst other things

I wanted to start with this because for the last few months I have been fully engrossed in the world of social enterprise. A year ago, I would have never have seen myself wading through the rivers of the Marikina Watershed, fostering partnerships with DENR, DepEd and PDRF or creating a space (tangible and intangible) for collaboration between changemakers, gamechangers and the like.

I’m incredibly blessed and thankful for an unpredictable few months that has “spun my world”. I thank all of my new partners (Museo Pambata, Muni, Lugar, The Spark Project, Agricool, Banig N’ Bfast, EntrepsbuildPH and NeGo) and all of the spin | professionals that made the work/play possible.

2.  The British Council’s I’m a Changemaker Ideation Camp

C is for “Clingy”

There are a few moments in your life that you can say were distinct turning points. My participation in this camp was clearly that for me.

Somewhere in between the breakout sessions and our visit to the GK Enchanted Farm I realized that making a difference is something I want to do fulltime. And having a large group of amazing extraordinary individuals alongside you, who have the same passion and drive – it’s infectious. Thank you Changemakers (Codename: Clingers)!

3. Capoeira and Escola Brasileira de Capoeira Philippines 

That’s a lot of butts faced at the crowd.

Capoeira is and will always be an expression of who I am. This year was a lesson in growth and balance. I will always be thankful for the EBC Family that provides the space for me to play in and out of the roda.

This year also marked key points in my life and transformational journey in becoming a Capoeira teacher. Starting with a term at the One School, continuing the guidance of EBC DLSU and Ateneo High School and expanding to a new venue in Katipunan – White Space.

4. My Renewed Career in Real Estate

I knew my calligraphy skills could be put to use…

2012 also paved the way for a return to Real Estate. I took the bar and formally got my PRC License. Started the groundwork for my new brokerage (watch out for it in 2013). And, I took it a step further become one of the only licensed brokers that is also a Certified BERDE Consultant – positioning myself as a consultant for green building and sustainability. In relation to that, my “Green Shift” article closed the latest issue of Homestyle Magazine.

5. Constant Expansion in Learning and Bringing Back the 3D Model of Education

After years of resistance, I took on a law degree (Juris Doctor) and an MBA from DLSU-FEU. 

It was also this 2012 that I redeveloped the idea for Dynamic D-Discourse 3D) Model of Education. I managed to present it several times and it is now being taken on by several key people from different institutions.

6. My Students from PUP and My Guild of Apprentices

It turns out I’m meme worthy…

In relation to expansion in learning, I made my classrooms a playground for the 3D Model.  My students became the frontliners in the revolution of education, creating projects like tutorials and seminars for public schools and feeding programs. I am grateful for their courage and the hope they inspire for the future of our country.

It was in these same classes I found my guild of apprentices. 7 ladies with heart, passion and drive. 7 ladies who are critical in my work and commitment in making a difference in the world. 

7. The Talks and Seminars I Have Been Given the Privilege of Leading

That crowd looks positively engaged.

It was in 2012 that I found my voice (and used it). I’m thankful for leading several talks and seminars including: Zen and the Art of High Performance (PUP), The 3D Model: A Blueprint to a New Paradigm in Education (PUP), Scarcity: Altering the Context in Which We Operate (San Juan National High School), Meaningful Teaching: Returning to the 3D Model (3rd Educator’s Congress), Social Play and Innovation Network (SPIN): Turning Towards the Future (GK CSI Night) and Collaborative Cascade: A Peak into the Future (SPIN).

Next year, I already have talks slated for the National Environmental Congress and some around the country like in Laoag.

8. Rediscovering a Higher Purpose and Awakening a Spiritual Life

I am thankful for the grace of the universe and the almost serendipitous blessings that fall upon me everyday. It was in 2012 that I found the love and light of the divine. I went back to prayer and back to meditation.

And in taking a few steps back and a lot more forward, I saw SPIN as an expression of my life’s mission and an expression of what God put me on earth to do. I fully embraced and understood, for the first time, the phrase – “Thy Will Be Done”.

9. A Life of Letting Go and Living On

That’s me letting go of shame… and my pants. (Photo Courtesy of Pinoy Fitness)

This year has been a testament to living life moment by moment. A practice in zen life and living and steps towards self-mastery and discipline.

This year was all about being fully happy, fully sad, fully mad and fully self-expressed. It was also about letting go of any of the BS that was holding me back. It was about time I stopped fixing and surviving my life and started living it. Thank you for Landmark Technology and a background in Philosophy!

I also thank all the Landmark community that made a difference in my transformation and my coachees (Sharie and Pow) who allowed me to contribute to their transformation and life of letting go and living on.

10. The Continued and Undying Support of My Parents

I am very clear that all of this would not be possible without my parents. My education, my home and my sense of security come from two parents who I would never replace for anyone else. I thank my parents for letting me do what I love and trusting that my life and where I’m taking it is nothing less than perfect.

11. My New Extended Family

I don’t have much family here in the Philippines. When I moved to the Philippines, I left most of my family in the United States (not to mention my imaginary friend). 

It was this year that I felt the unbiased and loving welcome to a new family. Thank you Tita Monette, Tito Darwin, Mariel and the many new titas, titos and cousins. You made something, that could have been very awkward, very comforting.

12. My Partner for Life and Business

Last but definitely not the least, I am thankful for a partner who I can trust with my future not only romantically and domestically but in business. Thank you, Ina. I love you.

This is what I am thankful for.
What are you thankful for?
(Let me know by posting a comment or making your own 12 Gifts of Gratitude and linking me back!)

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