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Intelligence Report – Election Watch 2016 – Rody Duterte

Last Update: Feb 15, 2016 (Latest updates in GREEN.  Previous updates in BLUE. )


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A compilation of articles, statements, and events of the top candidates minus Binay because he deserves no attention. Please visit regularly for updates (this is by no means comprehensive – it gets updated as I have time – and I will do my best each gets updated at the same time for the sake of fairness). I’ll do my best to create a sense of order either by topic or chronology.

If a new article proves another article is false or misinformed – it will be deleted with an addendum in the new link. Unconfirmed sources that seem credible will be noted (please comment if you find inconsistencies or have sources that hold counter to the information presented). Biased article headlines will be avoided as much as possible.

This was created in the effort to make an informed vote. I’m still undecided. And with the nature of Philippine politics, I believe you should be too. Because who knows, some fucker might slip and say they believe Marcos was the best president on the last day. Then shit, they’ve lost my vote automatically.


Please leave the comments as civil as possible and avoid campaigning. Have a relevant and reliable link/source? Please share so I can update the list.

NAME: Rodrigo “Rody” Duterte
AGE: 70
RUNNING MATE: Alan Cayetano

Track Record and Background:

(based on Davao City.gov)

  • 1977-1979 – Special Counsel – City Prosecution Office Davao
  • 1979-1981 – Fourth Assistant City Prosecutor – City Prosecution Office Dava0
  • 1981-1983 – Third Assistant City Prosecutor – City Prosecution Office Davao
  • 1983-1986 – Second Assistant City Prosecutor – City Prosecution Office Davao
  • Unknown Timeline – Lecturer on Criminal Law, Criminal Evidence and Criminal Procedure Police Academy
  • 1986-1988 – Vice Mayor (OIC) – Davao City
  • 1988-1992 – Elected Mayor – Davao City
  • 1992-1995 – Re-elected Mayor – Davao City
    • 1993 – First in the country – Children’s Welfare Code of 1994 (Opinyon)
  • 1995-1998 – Re-elected Mayor – Davao City
  • 1998-2001 – Elected Congressman – Davao City
    • 1999-2002 – Best Peace & Order Council in Region XI (Earned permanent seat in Hall of Fame) (Opinyon)
  • 2001-2004 – Elected Mayor – Davao City
  • 2004-2007 – Re-elected Mayor – Davao City
    • “In 2003, he offered a P2,000 monthly allowance to drug addicts who promised to kick the habit.” (Rappler)
    • 2004 – Gawad Galing Pook Award (Opinyon)
    • 2005 – “National Commission on the Rights of Filipino Women (NCRFW) Award for Gender Responsive Local Governance in 2005 as the Most Gender Responsive LGU in the country” (Opinyon)
  • 2007-2010 – Re-elected Mayor – Davao City
    • 2009 – Department of Education’s Most Outstanding Local Government Unit in the National Literacy Awards (Opinyon)
  • 2010-2013 – Elected Vice Mayor – Davao City
  • 2013 – present – Elected Mayor
  • 2014 – “he also declined a nomination for the World Mayor Prize, given by an international body to outstanding mayors. He said he was just doing his job and that “As a matter of principle, I don’t accept awards.” (Rappler)

Political Allegiances (Through The Years):

  • (Note: The simplest way to do this was to look at their track record and party. Allegiances are therefore defined as association during election campaigns and possible endorsements/comments about other political figures (e.g. if they ran under the same party/ticket) as always this is not a definitive list but one that is added over time and please feel free to comment for noteable additions) 
  • Ran under a different party in 2013 (Rappler) (Note: I initially put Binay family as part of this list because they were PDP-Laban before the UNA split. But later found out that he ran under a different party in 2013) – Please take note that he has mentioned an endorsement for Binay if disqualified (please see below in election related controversies)
  • October 9, 2015 (Philippine Star) – announced his dream team (meaning no commitments): former Sen. Panfilo “Ping” Lacson, Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno, Sen. Sergio “Serge” Osmeña III, boxing icon and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao, ACT-CIS Rep. Samuel Pagdilao, Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez, Las Piñas Rep. Mark Villar, former Sen. Miguel “Migz” Zubiri
  • November 30, 2015 – Philippine Star reports: “He said he has debt of gratitude with the Marcoses”
    • Also added Susan Ople and Francis Tolentino to his senatorial endorsements

Controversies and Responses Connected to Track Record/Background:

  • 1995 – burns Singaporean flag (please see comments in Issues/Opinions on OFWs below)
  • Openly Criticized by human rights organizations (including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International) and other politicians. He has been affiliated with the Davao Death Squad for extrajudicial killings (according to Duterte it is of criminals, rapists and drug pushers – critics say otherwise – please see next item)  (RapplerInquirer)
    • Response to HRW: “To all the bleeding hearts of US-based crime watch: You want a taste of justice, my style? Come to Davao City, Philippines, and do drugs in my city. I will execute you in public. And finally, you SOBs, I offer no excuses nor do I apologize. So be it,” (Rappler)
    • Response to De Lima: Excerpt from Philippine Star (May 2015) – “If De Lima files a case against him, he will waive preliminary investigation on the condition that De Lima will execute an affidavit.“I would love to cross-examine her,” Duterte said.Duterte said De Lima accuses him of extra-judicial killing when she failed in cleaning her own backyard, specifically the New Bilibid Prison.In another interview, Duterte also said De Lima just releases statements to earn publicity for the senatorial polls in 2016.”
  • Inquirer 2012 – The late DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo calls for a probe on Duterte “after he allegedly “forced” an inmate to “eat and swallow a fake land title he allegedly used in duping informal settlers in the city.”
    • Response: unknown
    • Result of probe: unknown
  • Critics claim that the extrajudicial killings are not of criminals but of Duterte’s critics
    • Response: unknown
  • Critics call him a womaniser
    • Response: “I am a womanizer”. If you choose me as president you need to know my character. Admits to having two girlfriends. (Rappler)
    • Note: There is a strong public response among many Duterte advocates. They are quick to point out that though his family life and relationship with women is questionable his policies as Mayor have shown a support for women’s rights (E.g. the Reproductive Orders previously mentioned). On the other hand, others have outright dismissed Duterte because they cannot reconcile his actions as a husband and father.

  • “COA questions Duterte’s 11,000 contractual workers” (Rappler June 2015)
    • Response from Inquirer June 2015:
      • “The P708 million (that the COA questioned) is part of the city’s operation expense, I’m spending it on contractual workers from garbage collectors to drivers, to intelligence operatives roaming around the city,”
      • “You don’t expect plantilla workers to collect garbage, don’t you?” he asked. “And garbage collectors are working in the city on three shifts,”
      • “The SCAAs (Special Civilian Active Auxiliary), the soldiers roaming around Davao, I’m paying them,” Duterte said. “They’re part of the intelligence apparatus roaming the city.”
      • “There’s a COA office on our (City Hall) ground floor, why didn’t they tell me, why point that to me only now?”
      • “As long as those contractual workers are rendering service, what’s the problem? The problem only comes when they are not rendering services in the city,”

Election and Party-related Controversies/Issues and Responses:

  • Repeatedly said he would not run for President. Later said he would run because he could not accept an American president (referring to Grace Poe) – RAPPLER
  • Criticized the traffic during the Pope visit. Says jokingly I wanted to call the Pope “Pope, putang Ina ka. Wag ka na bumisita” – many interpret this as a direct insult to the Pope (Abs-cbn spliced video)
    • Response: December 1  (Philstar) “Compassionate si Pope. Maiintindihan niya ako. Kayo man maihi sa loob ng sasakyan, matutuwa ba kayo?” referencing the joke he made during the said speech
    • Response: December 2 (Tempo) “I can never curse my Pope. I was cursing at the incompetence of government. If it was taken by some in that light, I sincerely apologize. I will continue to curse so our suffering nation takes action,” Note: has also said in other articles that the language barrier could have been a reason why people interpreted what I said literally.
    • CBCP Issues Official Statement saying vulgarity is equal to corruption (Rappler)
      • Response to CBCP: “I will destroy the Church and the present status of so many priests and what they are doing,” he said. “You priests, bishops, you condemn me and suggest I withdraw, but then I will start to open my mouth. There are so many secrets that we kept as children. Do not force (me to speak) because this religion is not so sacred.” (Inquirer)
    • December 4 (Duterte’s Facebook) – “I visited and talked with Archbishop Romulo Valles and Bishop George Rimando, together with Monsignor Paul Cuison and my Executive Assistant Bong Go. I was admonished and lectured on Christian Values and in return, I told them that I would lessen my use of cuss words. I am even regulating myself and will donate P1,000 to Caritas Davao everytime I would swear. I am also planning to visit the Vatican soon. It was a good meeting and I would like to thank my friends in the Church for their time.”


Taken from Duterte’s Facebook Page
    • During the Duterte, Pope cursing controversy – after critics on social media started bringing up Mar’s 2008 “PUTANG INA” outburst during an anti-chacha rally (click here for video) – Malacanang defends Mar by saying Mar was not addressing his cursing to any single person – which makes it different (GMA News – December 1)
  • Critics say that he may become another dictator like Ferdinand Marcos
    • Response
      • “Why will I be a Marcos? There is a lesson there in history to look at. Why not follow Cory?” referring to Cory’s revolutionary government that performed both legislative and executive powers until a new constitution was ratified (Inquirer August 2015).
        • Further stating he had no ambition to become a dictator.
        • In the same event he said: ““In my second year, I will call a constitutional convention (Con-con) [to draft a Constitution]. I will guarantee you that there will be no compromises,”
        • When asked about media censorship: “Of course not. It’s up to you to report whatever you see.”
      • In a Rappler interview he has also said he would create a council (could be composed of business people, politicians, etc) that would decide how he would spend money and that he would not hold any money.
  • On Dec 13 – Mayor Duterte claims that it is a “myth” that Roxas graduated from Wharton and says he will slap Mar if he sees him during campaigning – in reply Mar says “I dare you, slap me” (Rappler)
    • Escalation #1  – Duterte says he will take the slap match to Araneta Cubao. Mar in reply says:“Gawin mo na lang kung anong gusto mong gawin. At sampalan? Bakit pa sampalan, pambabae ‘yan, suntukan na lang, ‘di ba? Simpleng-simple lang ito,” (Inquirer) – In other interviews gives his address.
    • Escalation #2 – December 14 – Duterte says “Barilan na lang. Takot mamatay ang mga mayayayaman. Anong kinatatakutan ko?” (CNN Philippines)
    • On Dec 16 – Former President, Fidel V. Ramos, comments on the situation by saying “Slapping each other, fighting each other will not make progress… The Philipine president must be world class. We are no longer in the period of Antonio Luna, Aguinaldo at Bonifacio,” (GMA News
    • Reported December 17 by Inquirer – Mar Roxas says: “Mayor Digong, let’s level up. Our people deserve better. This word war, the mudslinging and lies have no place in our political discourse. What is your plan? What is our plan? What have you done? What have we done? Those are the only things that matter so that our countrymen can choose what is right.”
    • On December 17, Rappler quotes the Wharton Media Relations director: “The word ‘graduate’ and ‘alumnus’ are synonymous. Wharton offers both undergraduate and MBA degrees. Mr. Roxas received his undergraduate degree. An undergraduate degree is a pre-requisite for admission to nearly all accredited graduate schools including those that bestow an MBA,”
  • Duterte says he will endorse Binay (contrary to running mate Cayetano’s and PDP’s previous qualms against Binay) if he is disqualified: “I don’t care kung ma-disqualify ako but this much I can say: I do not have any respect for you (Roxas)… Kapag na-disqualify si Grace, na-disqualify ako, I will campaign for Binay. Binay na ako then I will tell the Filipino people why you should not [be president],” (Inquirer – Dec 16)

Platform and Key Policies:

Focus: Federalism, Anti-Corruption, Peace and Order, Increasing the Salaries of Teachers, Police and Military, Poverty Reduction

  • Agriculture
    • Wants to bring development to rural areas. Provide free fertiliser and resources to farmers. Believes this should be the focus of development (*unconfirmed Philippine Graphic statement from before the announcement of candidacy)
    • Explained his plan to farmers and claimed “total failure of land reform” under the Aquino Administration. “The land reform was a farce not because it was not given, but the problem again is, there was no support from government. You give him 3, 4, 5 hectares. Land reform? But you don’t give fertilizer, seedlings, support. He could not get credit,”
  • West Philippine Sea
    • Prefers bi-lateral talks. Believes that it would be in our best interest to befriend China (primarily because he believes the U.S. will put their own interests ahead of the Philippines). He is open to joint exploration of the resources (Rappler)
    • He has also said: If they keep messing with our territory he would sell parts of the Philippines to the U.S. or Australia so they could build as many military bases in the region as possible

      • “If you can’t stop fucking with us, you’ll see me standing on Spratlys and you’ll just have to kill me.” (Rappler)
  • Bangsamoro Basic Law
    • In favor of BBL in principle. Against certain provisions. Says if BBL does not pass, Federalism would be best alternative (based on his past conversations with the MILF) (Rappler – note this one of many articles that share the same sentiment)
  • RH Law
    • “I am for the RH bill because it is something good for the people, I disagree with the Church,” (Inquirer 2012)
    • Health Advocates from Gabriela claim that Davao City (through Duterte) had its own version of the RH Law even before it was passed (Inquirer 2015)
  • Freedom of Information Act
    • Says it’s one of the first bills he would pass. If congress is slow, he said he will sign an executive order. (This was in the Rappler Interview with Maria Ressa)
  • Anti-Corruption
    • “As president, Duterte says he will abolish pork barrel and the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP). No one in government, including himself, will hold lump sums.He will also “open all the books” in government, being a staunch supporter of the Freedom of Information bill.” (Rappler)
    • Said he would raise the salary of police and military but if they fuck with me (make me look bad) I will shoot them in their office.
    • Note: Rappler reports that Duterte’s record is clean of corruption allegations
  • Anti-Dynasty
  • Traffic
    • His running mate said that traffic is caused because development is focused on NCR. To solve traffic they want to de-centralize government and spread development evenly in the regions. (Inquirer)
    • Transfer ports further south to decongest Manila ports (Rappler)
    • On late airplanes and commuter traffic: “His solution would be to make more use of Clark International Airport as an alternative airport and then build a fast train to deliver goods and commuters to Metro Manila.” (Rappler)
    • “To ease traffic jams, he said he would improve public transportation by buying 30 or 50 more train carriages. This way, people would not have to endure long lines.

      If that’s not enough, he has previously said that he intends to put up a new train line that will run along Pasig River, the only thoroughfare not embroiled in rights-of-way claims.” (Rappler)

  • Environment
    • “To reduce the country’s carbon emissions, he said he will install state-of-the-art anti-pollution equipment and will crack down on dirty factories.He is also not keen on the mining industry, saying the adverse effects of mining disasters are still being felt by communities.” (Rappler)

Other issues/opinions in terms of policies:

a) Federalism – seems like a pillar of his platform. Primarily in efforts to decentralise economy and policy that solely favours Manila.

b) Threatens to shut down congress if they get in his way of creating peace and order (Rappler)

c) Wants to bring back death penalty for heinous crimes (e.g. rape, drug trafficking, etc) Note: it is unconfirmed if this would be an overall return of death penalty instead of reclusion perpetua (doing so would mean returning death penalty also for those convicted of graft)

Response, Opinions or Comments on Various Issues:

    • December 17 (Philippine Star) -“Yung Calculus alisin ko talaga yan. Dumaan kayo ng high school, ano ang natutunan niyo sa Calculus, Trigonometry? Yang Algebra palitan mo na yan ng Business Math (I would have Calculus taken out. What have you learned in Calculus and Trigonometry during high school? Let’s replace Algebra with Business Math),” 
    • When an OFW asked for help:Sige I’ll be with you, voluntarily ito ha, (Okay, I’ll be with you, and this is voluntary, okay,) I am your lawyer if that’s what you want.” (Rappler)
    • He believes that it is the result of syndicates in NAIA. He also said “If I am the president, I will order you to swallow that bullet,” (CNN Philippines)
  • INC
    • Says he sympathizes with De Lima. She has her job I have mine “Ang problema kasi, diyan mo nilagay sa DOJ. ‘Pag department na kasi ang maghawak, mas mataas na ‘yan. Dapat sa prosecution lang iyan.” (Rappler)
  • OFWs
    • see reaction to Lag Lag Bala
    • During the presidency of Ramos (1995), he burned the Singaporean flag in protest to the execution of OFW Flor Contemplacion. He refused to apologize even when asked by Ramos to write a letter. (ABSCBN)
  • Gay Marriage, Divorce and Abortion
    • Said he would not push for gay marriage, divorce and abortion (Philstar/Yahoo)

What they say about other candidates:

  • Mar Roxas
    • “I do not like Mar Roxas.” and “Ang kampo nya madumi maglaro sa politika (His camp plays dirty politics),” – this is in reference to the accusation that a journalist (allegedly pushed by the party) released an article about him having cancer of the throat (Manila Bulletin)
    • Please see “word war” above
    • January 20, 2016 – “most incompetent Filipino ever to aspire for the presidency” was one of several comments made to press describing Roxas’ track-record in government. (Rappler article + video)
  • Miriam Santiago
    • “Ok naman si Miriam, I hope she has fully recovered from cancer and if she’s well and able to govern why not. Everybody is capable.” (Manila Bulletin)
      • Note: This was before his filing (October)

Known Endorsements:

  • Several CEOs/businessmen say “Duterte is best bet” during ASIA CEO Forum (Rappler) – Note: This was before he officially submitted candidacy
  • Several Liberal Party candidates say they will silently campaign for Duterte. The Davao Chair of LP said: “We’re throwing our support to the candidacy of Mayor Duterte as this is a once-in-a-blue moon opportunity that a Mindanaoan is running for the presidency,”
    • Inquirer goes further by saying: “Uy said their support for Duterte did not mean that they were also abandoning the LP although they would be campaigning for the mayor instead of Roxas.”
  • Several Davao councillors shave their heads in efforts to convince Duterte to run (ABSCBN)
  • Roughly 3000 self-organized supporters gather in Rizal Park to urge Duterte to run for president (Manila Times)
  • Ramon Tulfo: “If the President really wants someone who can carry the torch of honest governance, he should endorse Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte as his successor.” (Inquirer)
  • The Nograles clan, former political rivals, gave their endorsement of Duterte (Rappler)

Standing in Polls:

  • February 15, 2016 – Tied in Second Place together with Grace Poe at 20%. (Philstar)
  • December 7 -November SWS poll (privately funded by a Davao business man) puts him ahead of Roxas and Santiago in both geographic and socio-economic class with 38%. (Inquirer)


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