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Two Weeks as a Titan: Episode 3 – Oprah

Episode 2 with my personal hero Rizal is done!

And now off to a new adventure, Oprah!


The Reasons Why I Chose Oprah:

1. I was inspired by her Golden Globes speech. Much like the rest of the world Oprah’s speech was like a light in a tunnel full of darkness, bumps and hateful rhetoric. It was refreshing and reminded me of the powerhouse that is Oprah Winfrey.

2. She actively created her life despite challenging circumstances. Reading about the various challenges she had (something she covered very briefly in her speech), I was moved by the way she carved her path despite her history. And even in success she took on the huge endeavor of moving from a TV producer to a network owner. I feel like I’m still at the base of my mountain transitioning to a new level. Though she’s reached such a high level of success I saw the parallels of her current transition to mine.

3. I’m resisting an automatic compulsion to adopt male role models. Throughout this process, I think there’s a comfort in the familiar. To grow, and more importantly, grow exponentially, I believe I need to expand how I see the world.

How does Oprah spend her days and how will I spend mine:

  1. She wakes up between 6:00 and 6:20am without the assistance of an alarm. She tells her body the night before and she just wakes up and says “Oh! I’m alive. Thank you!”. I am going to build a relationship with my body to be able to do the same.
  2. After walking her dogs she makes a coffee/tea and heads to her personal gym to do cardio. I don’t have dogs. And I don’t have a personal gym. I will be doing the coffee and will find a way to do cardio. She also does Scrabble over cardio – I’ll use this time to continue studying Portuguese, listen to a book or use some other cool app.
  3. At around 8am, she does a 10-20 minute meditation and has breakfast while scheduling her day. I’m doing intermittent fasting so I’m skipping breakfast and keeping the meditation. I’ll also use this time for some of my other daily morning habits.
  4. She spends the rest of the day working, doing meetings, interviews, etc until she eats dinner around 6:00 to 6:30pm. I may need to push dinner (the same way she does) depending on work but more or less this should be similar.
  5. She spends the evening reading (books or scripts that come in). I will intentionally carve out time to read.
  6. She concludes by writing in a gratitude journal. I usually already do this in the morning but I will expand the habit (she lists five things she is grateful for, I usually only list three).

She’s also said she prefers to grow food instead of buying it (which tells me she has time to tend to plants). I will also be using some of her interviews to build a basic idea around her life philosophies and mindsets. And to the best of my ability I will take them on and use them to guide my actions.

And in the spirit of the abundance she expresses in her daily life. I get a breakthrough! You get a breakthrough! We all get a breakthrough!

Stay tuned for the episode.

If you have ideas of other titans or heroes I should emulate, comment below. Share their routine. I’ll send a digital copy of my novel to anyone who gets chosen. Keep track of my progress by visiting this page and the blog.

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